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Virtual Orienteering

image Virtual Orienteering – Find Your Way!


Developer notes

This is my soul project and my first introduction in the world of android. As a beginner everything was hard to achieve at that time, from GPS reading to connection encryption and SQLite database. I always look back with pleasure at this project considering that it’s quite a complex project.

Technical details

The application required a lot of work and involved using different technologies:

  • – AES and RSA encryption to offer users secure track executions upload
  • – web service access using JSON response
  • – custom vies for track executions
  • – Google MapView control
  • – asynchronous large image download and scaling
  • – asynctasks for uninterrupted use experience
  • – GPS sensor reading and interpretation
  • – location services
  • – SQLite database for storing track details and executions

Official presentation

Virtual Orienteering is a game played outdoor inspired from Orienteering sport. The game concept is to use a GPS capable mobile device to replace the printed map and real control check-posts.  There is no need to be someone involved in mounting control posts on the field because the GPS capable device will validate reaching the control points. All you need to do is to start playing on one of existing tracks, made by you or by your community friends.
You will not depend on a specific orienteering event because you can practice this game anytime, anywhere.  Still, you’ll need a compass to guide the device and yourself on the track as not all the devices have digital compass sensor. The orienteering sport is getting a new level of fun as you can interact with lots of your community friends.

   I invite you to take part in our Community at Winking smile Pick up your gear, make a track and execute it.





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