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Standy Touch Advanced

Standby with one touch


Developer Notes

I did this project from scratch and even if on first look it seems quite simple, took me some hours to polish it. I tried to make the design as ICSish as possible. I received very good feedback on various forums about it. I use this app every day.

Technical Details

  • requires Administrator permission to perform Lock operation
  • Data, Sound and Wifi access permissions

Official description

    The app does not need any nasty permission, does not access your data, does not run all the time in background, does not use resources, does not have ads. It does just a simple thing: sends the phone to sleep as it happens when you press the Power button. I always prefer to touch a icon on the screen rather than searching for the Power button which isn’t to handy, especially if you have a bumper.

When you will install the app you will see in the Launcher two icons:
– Standby Settings – with app settings and operations.
– Standby Touch – can be added in your Home screen for convenient access which performs fast send to Standby command.

– First you need to Enable Admin Permission from Settings page. After your do this, the app will work as intended. Without Admin permission, it cannot perform send to standby operation.
– If you want to uninstall the app there are two ways:
a) Go to StandBy Settings and press the Uninstall button and you won’t have to worry for anything else as it will take care of the rest.
b) From Standby Settings press on the Remove Admin Permission (an android app cannot be uninstalled while it has Admin permissions enabled.) and the go to Android Apps and Uninstall the app.

With the new version I have added the possibility to use Tasks, which means you can define an interval in which the Sound/Data/Wifi (for now) are On or Off. The app will check when you press the Standby icon for tasks and update phone’s status according to them. Tasks are the reason why the app needs more permissions, but as you can see, all permissions are related to Sound, Data Connection and Wi-Fi settings. Please note that the time interval is set by rotating both circles, the inner one for the hour and the outer one for the minute.

Screenshot_2012-08-06-15-06-18 Screenshot_2012-08-06-15-06-34



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