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Animal’s Playground

Enjoyment for your baby, relaxation for you!


Developer Notes

This project was made from the ground by me, including everything from drawings to codding. It was quite and experience to learn to use inkscape for vectorial graphics and try to search deep for the inner designer inside me Smile This was made for my little girl and she enjoyed it a lot when she was around the age of 1.5-2 years.

Technical details

  • animations with AnimationDrawable
  • animations with threads
  • SurfaceView
  • Mobclix SDK for ads (removed in current version to make users happy)
  • Google Analytics SDK (removed in current version)
  • different resolutions supported, starting from 320×240 and up
  • MediaPlayer for playing sounds
  • Facebook SDK with post on wall function


Official presentation

For now there are five minigames included

  • explore – learn each animal sound and specific moves
  • guess – try to guess what animal makes the sound that is playing
  • hide – animals are hiding all over the farm, find them
  • catch – sheep are trying to escape, catch them
  • touch – add and remove animals from the screen with a simple touch.

Hate Ads ? Well most of us do. With this new version and rename of the application, ads are not displayed inside the games anymore. When you exist from a game to main screen, a full screen ad will popup. If you don’t want to see it, just quickly press Back button again. Also, if you don’t want to see ads, disable mobile data when playing the game. Ads are the only revenue source for the game, so please support us by clicking from time to time on one 🙂 Thank you.

Animals Play (previously known as Happy Farm Animals) has won the first place in a contest organized by (








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