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September 17, 2010

We’re in business. is alive and kicking. You’re welcome to join our community.

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Hi all. It has been a really long time since I posted something in here. In past months I’ve been very busy as I switched to the Dark Side Smile, I program in java now. More precisely in Android. It is a wonderful journey for me, and I hope that in the end it will worth the time.

  A few words… well, it’s all about nature, move, sport, tracks, gps, devices, android, iphone, winmo. Just go in there, make a track and… do it with the device in real world. You know it guys don’t you… real world with trees and stuff, nature… I’m talking to you programmer Open-mouthed smile   Unfortunately the Android client isn’t ready yet, but until the end of month you’ll be able to use it with your device. Everything is free.

The web site is . Be our next friend, register (it’s really easy to do) and provide us feedback, ideas and problems. As you can see we are in beta version.

Here are some screens of Android client:


image  image  image

I feel some new tutorials on Android platform coming soon Smile 

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