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September 11, 2009

NOIA – Planning and analyze. The beginning…

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    What does NOIA stand for ? NOIA is “Not Another Invoice Application”. Pretty explanative what it should do: a application for invoices and stocks which will deal with input and output, in a small level CRM, goods stock and payments.  The reason why I mention this is because while developing it, I will make a chain of tutorials describing each important step in development. As I will learn I will share knowledge.

Technical specifications

     Because it’s not either big size or complex the platform used for development will be Visual C# 2008 Express edition. The data sources will be two, SQL Server 2008 Express Edition and SQL Server Compact Edition 3.5. Those two database systems are suitable for most cases, for small to medium clients.

Thank you Microsoft for providing a free tools to developers.


The architecture will be layered designed, so long live the n-tier. Main goals to achieve will be:

  • Changing one layer of the system should have a minimal impact over the rest of the layers. This will help maintenance, bug fixing and unit testing. It also makes the architecture more flexible
  • Unrelated components should be loosely coupled
  • Separation between User interface, Business objects and Database


Each layer will be developed as follow:

– Presentation Layer: Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and C#

– Business Objects Layer: C#

– Data Access Layer: C# and Linq   The database will contain only a few tables needed for fresh start (like Users, Companies etc.). The rest of the tables will be added as the development progresses.

The interface

     I am planning to make a extremely user friendly interface. I give a big deal about user pleasing, this makes the app sale. Just imagine that by my design flaw, a user must lose one second each time he saves an invoice (a freaking’ message box maybe), for a number of 3000 invoices/month there will be a lose of time around 1 hour. As I am a big fan of n-tier architecture, also, I am a big fan of outlook interface. This means the interface will have a very outlookish style. Plus some other enhancements as they come along.


         As a friend used to say, I’ve made a map to the user so it won’t get lost. This isn’t really true, but the workflow could help and it would be easier to go to a certain operation if remembered visually. The New/Save/Delete won’t be as in the image, there will be a combo box so that the user could select company or date or stuff like this. The upper image is a WIP (Work in Progress) so it can be changed. It may seem very colored now, at the end will have a more professional look.

This was a pretty boring post, even if I tried to make it as short as possible. If you have any suggestions please send them.

Until next time we “meet”, Happy coding.

P.S. – I would like to take a moment and THANK Cristi for help, support and ideas. So, thank you man.

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